The Lake Houston Sports and Recreation Foundation has successfully helped managed the significant increase of the Wood Duck population in and around the Lake Houston area with the help of volunteers like the National Charity League (NCL) Kingwood and the Boy Scouts.

Local duck whisperer Jameson Young, a Kingwood High student (2021), began the Duck Box program and continues to be a hands-on leader. The program has had huge success due to the sale and installation of Duck Boxes in and around Lake Houston.

Duck Box owners love tracking their three to four hatchings a year. The box is very low maintenance, only requiring new shavings after each hatching. Once the ducklings hatch, they stay in the box for 24 hours and then jump out and follow the mother to the water, not returning. Duck Boxes give our local youth the opportunity to learn about conservation practices that are a key to sustaining valuable wildlife and recreational resources.

If you live on or within 100 feet from a body of water, or want to adopt a box to be placed around the lake, please consider purchasing a Wood Duck Box. Our youth volunteers install the boxes on a pole or on an existing structure or tree. By supporting this organization, you are providing volunteer opportunities to improve our lake community including: duck boxes, cleaning beaches, replanting vegetation wiped out in the flood, and community events like Take a Kid Fishing Day.