Junior Big Bass Blast

Junior Big Bass Blast

With the Help of our Sponsors we Have Improved Lake Houston

The Stocking Program

  • In partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife we have successfully started a restocking program for Lake Houston
  • Last Spring, 2015, the LHSRF will stock another 85,000 Florida Hybrid Largemouth Bass. This Summer, 2016, we stocked another 300,000 bringing our total to approximately 385,000 in the last three years.

The Vegetation Nursery

  • The LHSRF has completed our vegetation nursery to introduce beneficial vegetation that will help improve water clarity and improve wildlife on Lake Houston.
  • Introduce beneficial vegetation that will help improve water clarity and wildlife on Lake Houston
  • Our motto: “Lake Houston is a valuable asset worth protecting”

Partnership with Boy Scout Troop 9 FUMC

  • Our new affiliation with the boy scouts will be very beneficial to the vegetation habitat program
  • Fun and dirty work leads to a better environment for Lake Houston

We Have the Momentum

In the Spring of 2014, LHSRF helped secure funds from the Texas Department of Wildlife and the City of Houston of almost $220,000 to help control and knockout the exploding water hyacinth problem on the Lake.

The Lake Houston Sports and Recreation Foundation (LHSRF) was selected by the Houston- Galveston Area Counsel to help implement a plan to control bacteria levels in Lake Houston.

Lake Houston Junior Bass Championship

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the events be held?


The tournaments will be held on October 15,2016 at BJ’s Marina. Registration will be online or by calling David Otis (713-410-1691) Tim Neaumann (210-859-7555) John Littleton (281-222-5844)



What will be the official fishing times?


Bass Division: 7:00am – 2:00 pm


There will be a strict deadline of 2:15pm. If team is not checked-in by 2:15p.m, no fish will be weighed. Weigh-in for the Bass Division will be held at BJ’s Marina.


Please note there will be no official launch and all participants are allowed to launch at the location of their choice. Please note no fishing can begin until the 7:00am start time.



Will we be fishing as teams or individuals?


The Junior Bass Championship is designed for anglers under 17 years of age. Juniors may be accompanied by an adult. Each boat will weigh-in no more than 5 Bass. (Adults catch will be allowed to be combined with the juniors) Big Bass rules will be covered below.

The entry fee per person is set at $25 per person/ID Dollar.

(Boaters under the age of 17 must have completed and show proof of safety course.)



Where will be the Weigh-in Locations?


The weigh-in and celebrations will be held at BJ’s Marina. It will be your decision where to launch your boat but the weigh-in will be held at BJs of. Please note, it was decided that 2:15p.m will be a check-in time. If late, team will receive no weight.


 How and when can I register for the event and pay the entry?

Registration is currently underway and will be open to the public until the morning of October 15th. Request entry blank from lakehoustonsports.com or call David Otis (713-410-1691) Tim Neaumann (210-859-7555) John Littleton (281-222-5844)


Will there be a penalty for Short Fish?

Any short fish brought to the scales will not be weighted and entire catch will be disqualified for breaking state and local law. The official measuring stick will be a Check-it Stick Ruler.


What is the penalty for a dead fish?

Dead Fish: 1/2 lb. deduction


Must boats be out of the water in order to weigh-in or can fish be brought over from boat tied to dock?

Your choice to bring fish to scale from either land or water. There is no requirement.


How will the Big Bass Side Pot work?

$10 per person for juniors and adults. To win, big bass money must pay the $10. There will be prizes awarded to the anglers with the Biggest Bass in each division.


What can we expect at the weigh-in?

The official tournament end time will strictly be enforced. All fishing must stop at 2:00pm. Each boat must be checked-in by 2:15pm and no later. A team that fails to check-in by end time will not be able to weigh-in.

Weigh-In will be open at 1:30pm for the Bass Division and will remain open until 2:30pm. Please be in line by 2:15pm sharp as the line will be cut off.


Rules for lake record and $20,000 prize money.


Rules for lake record and 20,000 scholarship.

Team captains must designate how the prize money will be distributed if Lake record is broken. All prizes distributed to the Junior angler’s will be presented as a Lake Houston Sports Men’s Scholarship From The Lake Houston Sports and Recreation Foundation.


For more info please contact one of the following.

David Otis (713-410-1691)

Tim Neaumann (210-859-7555)

John Littleton (281-222-5844)

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