About the Foundation


The mission of the Foundation is to increase public awareness of the value of having a major lake (Lake Houston) in our community by hosting several fundraising events in which the proceeds will benefit the fishery, habitat and other various Lake Houston projects.


The Lake Houston Sports and Recreation Foundation was formed from members of the community who are interested in the improvement of Lake Houston. The Lake Houston Sports & Recreation Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the goal of increasing public awareness of the benefits of a major lake in our community, create a stocking program, improving habitat and other improvement projects on and around the lake.

Your membership in the LHSRC will help host the Take a Kid Fishing Day, the Lake Houston HookUP Fishing Tournament, Golf Tournament and other events to be named with proceeds going towards the lake projects, especially the much needed stocking program. The lake has not had a stocking program in well over 10 years and the LHSRC is working with the Texas Parks and Wildlife office and an independent stock provider to handle the long term stocking needs of the lake.

Currently there is very little marking or identification of the depths of the lake, submerged objects or overall on-lake identification. Your membership will help support capital projects such as placing depth markers, channel buoys and other lake identification.

Membership also enables the committee to host several annual social networking events for educational opportunities, networking and membership drives.

So please join the LHSRC today. Your support will help turn our lake into a first class destination! The better our lake is, the stronger our community will be!